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Day 10 - Card Sorting

A method to categorize and bring clarification to an array of terms and options.

What I Learned/Experience:

With this method, I spent most of the day thinking about what I could sort. I looked at websites and apps that I thought might need some card sorting help but I felt like I wouldn't have been able to have a true sort through. In this case, I want to share an experience I had last year with card sorting and share my insights with what I learned participating in one.

Last year, I went with Utah Valley University's UX design club on one of our "UXplore" meetings to a local tech company (I won't name them incase of confidentiality issues). In meeting with their UX design team, we were able to participate in several activities and help with their system. One of these activities was a card sort, and my first time doing one.

Myself and 2 other groups members were given a stack of about 20-30 cards with terms from the system. Some made sense and were easy to categorize right away, while others we were unfamiliar with and set to the side until we had figured out the ones we did know. One of the great things about a card sort is that as a moderator you can see the thought processes of the participants, so the fact we didn't know some of the terms most likely gave greater insight to the moderator.

In honesty as well, some of the terms that we were very unfamiliar with, and after having a long pondering session, we ended up just either leaving them out or putting them in a category that we were guessing fit with the term. After sorting all our cards, we presented to the other teams and were able to gain insight on areas where we may not have placed correctly.

In participating in the card sort, I was able to experience the benefits of carrying one out, especially when there is a large amount of information or items involved. Card sorts can help determine menu's, content placement and like I said previously, the actions of the participants can help yield results just as good as, or even better than the sorted cards themselves.

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