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Day 13 - Fly on the Wall

Unobtrusive branch of observation that removes biases from a study and provides a pure outcome of how a person will react in a situation.

What I Learned:

People watching is beneficial and can provide some great insights into a persons true behavior and actions. This method prevents biases in the experience and can provide valuable insight into a persons motives. If a person knows they are being watched for the experiment, they may act differently.

Case Study:

I practice this method almost daily when I go out in public, whether its for a project or not. I like to see how people react and to determine what they are doing. In this case I opted out for practice and instead have written some of my thoughts of how this could be applied.

When reading about this method I thought about secret shoppers and how they have a fly on the wall experience but more immersive. They place themselves into the environment without a store knowing and carry out their tasks while observing the store standards and behavior. Maybe its not true "fly on the wall" fashion but i think it could be considered a branch of the method.

Fly on the wall is one of the easiest methods to carry out as you can sit on a park bench or in a shopping mall and observe from a distance. Really its a fancy name for people watching, isn't it?

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