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Day 15 - Photo Studies

Photo-documentation that can help a designer see into the life of the participant and can show what the participant is invested in and their behaviors.

What I Learned:

What better way to see into a persons life and behaviors. Having the participant document their life with photos kills quite a few birds with one stone. It provides documentation and evidence for your research, gives participant information and helps designers visually. When reading about this method, it seemed like there were no downsides to this method. I thought it was interesting how it said that creative research methods are more likely to get a participant to be involved, (no having to give out amazon gift cards or compensate).


To put this into practice, I photo studied my own life and took a few images of some of the things I do in a daily routine, at the time of writing this. I've tried to frame my images from my point of view. While this method is more effective when someone else is the participant, I took pictures of what I've been doing the most lately. Reading, work/school on my computer (I usually spend most my time on that view), Headphones as I listen to a lot of music and lastly, the dishwasher, which I feel like I'm around at least once a day, always unloading and loading.

Something I learned and to take into account is restrictions on the participant. Many of my images are in my home. Due to the pandemic, I don't really go anywhere and so my photo study at this time resided in my house. Given the time restriction I give myself and the fact i'm home mostly, there are other areas that aren't shown.

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