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Day 16 - Thematic Network

A method to connect basic themes from qualitative data and determine a global theme.

What I Learned:

This method helps you to take an interview or some other recording or data and implement it into a main theme. From the research, you already have basic information that is spread out in different opinions or views. Once those are collected, they need to be sorted and categorized into solid themes. There are 3 types of themes:

  1. Basic - text taken directly from data. The broad base of the network

  2. Organizing - The basic themes go from clusters to a more central theme

  3. Global - These themes encompass all the basic and organized themes and compress them into one theme.

The example in the book shows only one global theme but I'm sure it could be used to create a few global themes. Data could also be used to create multiple networks.


For this practice, I took the transcript from my laddering interview (see day 14 - Laddering). I pulled text from the interview and build together 3 basic theme patterns that covered areas that kept arising in the transcript. Upon creating the basic theme clusters, I looked at what the organized theme was that connected them all and built out my organizing themes. Some of the purple category also seemed to join with other categories, so I connected them to 2 organizing themes.

Lastly I looked at the 3 organizing themes and how they related to each other and came to the conclusion they advocate the important of child development and how it relates to the montessori experience.

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