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Day 23 & 24 - Stakeholder Walkthrough & Evaluative Research

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Stakeholder Walkthrough

A team meeting that helps stakeholders and developers to understand the end user's point of view and understanding of the product.

What I Learned:

The stakeholder walkthrough is meeting to help a stakeholder understand a user's point of view rather than walk them through what the product does. It brings all parties together and with the interaction designers as mediators, provides each party the opportunity to question and learn about the usability of the product. A stakeholder meeting helps to create team dynamics and understandings that could not be done in individual meetings. One thing i thought was interesting was that the book said that "...attendees should be informed prior to the session that the end users are primary participants..." and if not informed, can create tensions during the meeting with stakeholders. I think this is important in building trust and understanding between team members and having the meeting run smoothly.

Evaluative Research

Known as "user testing" this method allows designer to involve actual customers in having their product put to the test.

What I Learned:

When selecting this chapter I thought "oh cool, evaluative research" and upon reading the chapter, I found out its a fancy term for "user testing". I have been able to do evaluative research a few times through projects I've created and it can be very valuable for iteration and getting a project ready for deployment. Its another opportunity to review heuristics , usability and to validate that the designs are working as intended. This is the stage that determines if a UI is usable or simply just "good looking".

During this research it helps to create tasks for the participant so they are experiences areas that you want to specifically test. While creating tasks can get you the information you need, it brings into play a lack of realism as the testing is being controlled.

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