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Day 29 & 30 - KPIs & Web Analytics

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Solid goals that help keep a person, team and organization on track and shows successes or failures.

What I Learned:

KPIs are like a more data driven journey map in the sense that they are set goals that are referred to when determining if there is success or failure. They are old fashioned business indicators that makes sure a product or service is working and most importantly speak the language of stakeholder.

I learnt that KPIs can be used to collect information about behavioral metrics and/or value metrics, opening up the use for KPIs and being able to understand customers. Once the data is collected, it should be used to move ahead and create actions for teams and the organization.

Another thing I found interesting was that KPIs should be reported frequently enough that they encourage action and not quarterly or too soon. Keep people's minds fresh with KPIs and their outcomes so that teams and organizations can remain on the correct course.

Side note: I recently bought the book "Measure What Matters" by John Doerr to learn more about KPIs as it was recommended by one of my teachers. Once I get to read it, I'll try and report back in a blog post about my learning.

Web Analytics

The practice of gathering online data about your customers to study and determine their behaviors, needs and your goals.

What I Learned:

This past few months I have actually learned a lot about web analytics as I am currently in a web analytics course for my Interaction Design degree. In the course I've become certified in Google analytics and learnt about Google ads on top of that.

Analytics are one of the best tools to gather data on user behavior. You can find out how they interact with your site in general, how many pages visited, time spent on a page, videos watched, forms submitted, conversions completed, the list goes on for what you can find.

In the class I am a member of a team where we are working with a real client who sells water softeners. We have added analytics tracking data to his site and are helping with increasing call leads and conversions. We are using Google ads to build a campaign out that we will launch, track and report using analytics. It has been great to work on the team and we are interested to see the outcomes of the campaign.

We will be tracking how many people visit the site, If they submit a form and who calls into the number provided. Our conversion for the client is that they want more calls to schedule appointments for purchase and/or installs. Tracking these metrics will help us to know if the campaign was a success or if tweaks need to be made.

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