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Day 31 - Automated Remote Research

A way to gather quantitative data and see what users are doing remotely.

What I Learned:

Not to be confused for remote moderate research, this method is a more broad approach than web analytics (which is included). ARR makes it easy to collect quantitative data through methods such as surveys and analytics but also can collect qualitative through remote calls or screen sharing capabilities.

While ARR is an easy way to collect data, it shouldn't take the place of the opportunity to collect proper qualitative data and research credible sources rather than get a general consensus. A strategy for ARR should be put into place and the research experience can depend heavily on what type of method and tools you choose to use.

As we've all seen, ARR has become a common way to research during the Covid-19 pandemic. I think it's important that we don't sacrifice the qualitative data given the circumstances and that stakeholders are made aware of the need to put effort into the remote research. I would say its better to do remote moderate research when possible to gain the best data and feedback.

"Although we've come, to the end of the road..."

This is the end of my 31 days of learning methods of design. I will of course continue to read more methods and learn but as for sharing my findings through the 31 days of october, this is the end. I've learnt a lot about methods I didn't know could be used and learnt new things about ones I already knew. Being a UX/Interaction designer, I have always leaned heavily on research being important because it's the core of UX. Without applying these methods (properly) it is simply UI and brings minor change to an experience. When these methods are applied correctly with purpose then true UX is put into play and outcomes can follow.

If you read all 31 days, good on you mate! If you skipped a through, good on you mate as well for reading some! I hope you were able to learn something or at least be occupied by my musings.

Stick around on my blog if you want. I'm going to keep posting thoughts, case studies and whatever else I want to share about my life through UX and everything it encompasses. I love to learn and I like to pass on that learning to others.


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