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Day 4 - KJ Technique

This technique helps optimize meeting time and create a setting where everyone in the group can be heard without sacrificing time. It can produce pure thought outcomes and externalize all the thoughts and feelings of team members.

What I Learned:

The KJ technique is the answer to boring meetings. Working alongside the affinity diagram method, the KJT busts out the sticky-notes and sharpies to create a situation in where all thoughts and ideas can be considered. Its done silently and pressure-free meaning that there can be little to no bias when presenting an idea. The most important part is that is does away with each person getting up to speak about their concerns and ideas. It allows everyone to speak and sort through all of the opinions and ideas of the group.

I even think that this could be implemented into stakeholder meetings where there are several stakeholders, to address their concerns and help visually show them where the focus is and/or needs to be.


To put this method into practice, I first realized that I needed to have a meeting. So I was very out of the element with this go around but nevertheless I think it yielded good results. I recruited my wife to participate in a mock KJ meeting. We wrote down concerns we had for a project I'm working on right now for a VR/AR brochure. Silently, we wrote down concerns and ideas we had, stuck them to the wall and then organized them into priority of focus (1 being top).

We found that the areas of focus that had the most concerns were:

  1. Brochure purpose and content

  2. Audience

  3. VR/AR features and capabilities

The technique helped us to see what concerns needed addressing and through the method of affinity diagram-ing, what were details of the concerns we found. While my wife isn't an official team member on the project i'm working on, her participation helped me to gain valuable information that I can now take to my team for discussion.

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