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Day 6 - Love/Break-up Letter

The method of writing a love or hate letter to a product or service. Personifying the service can help you see into certain aspects of the customers satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a product or service.

What I Learned:

While this is a quirky method, it can bring a lot of insight into a persons feelings towards a product or service. Personifying a product/service can help a person feel more of a connection and bring out honest feelings. I think that participants know it seems like a silly thing to do, so they can be more honest because they know the products/service won't be offended like a real person would be.

The chapter (universal methods of design) suggested a writing session of no more than 10 minutes, with a subsequent read aloud session of the letter for recording. This is a great idea because as the chapter suggests, "...expressions and voices provide nonverbal cues that the letters alone do not...". I think this method is great because its almost like a subtle and subconscious telling of a users feelings and attitude. It can help designers get great insight into deeper aspects of an experience without using fancy tech to scan brainwaves or what not.


For this practice, I'm simply going to write a love or break-up letter to a service or app I've recently used. I'm writing it in 10 minutes or less. Unfortunately due to my time constraints on these daily challenges, I won't be trying the read and record portion of the method, but I still think it is an awesome aspect of this method.

I've decided to write a break-up letter to Netflix, as I recently cancelled my subscription (not to do with the "cuties" incident, although that made not looking back easier).

Dear Netflix,

You were really fun when we first met and offered so much to our relationship. I loved exploring so many new shows and discovering netflix originals as you grew. I'm leaving you soon as I can't keep up with the exhaustive lists of offerings you have and honestly, I have better things to do with my time, and money. I will miss things like Stranger Things, the Eurovision movie, British shows and great list of Anime, but I don't have time to sit with you for half an hour each night even trying to decide what to watch.

In all honesty, your content has lacked lately and I don't really care to watch 2 hour movies that are sub-par. You take too long to come out with good shows or continuations of existing ones. Also I'm not a fan of how you lie and say "netflix original" when really some of those shows aired 2-4 years ago in the UK on BBC or Channel 4. Shame...

I may stop in another time if you change your offerings but for now its time to say goodbye and for me to work on more productive things.

All the best,


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