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Days 21 & 22 - Parallel Prototyping & Journey Map

Parallel Prototyping

Testing multiple design choices at once and early on during the design phase. This allows for designers to determine best design layouts or features before fully committing.

What I Learned:

I'm usually a person who likes to put my low-fidelity mockups through a bit of testing before moving into high-fidelity and prototypes. Reading about parallel prototyping was eye opening that you can test several design choices at once. You don't even have to user test in this portion and can have a heuristic expert review your designs. I learnt that its a great method to break free from one design approach and explore while staying on track.

Journey Map

A visual element that can help a design team see a whole situation and also focus on specific instances. This is a hypothetical "life-journey" for the customer that is based in facts from research.

What I Learned:

I had the opportunity this year to create a journey map. The team I worked with, we were doing an evaluation on the experience of music streaming apps. We took one of our 5 personas we made and inserted the persona into a journey map. We used the information from the persona to help create the journey map. I really enjoyed creating the journey map as it helped me to see into each area of the journey. I learnt that your never finished with your customer once they have your product. You have to help them along and be ready to jump in at any part of their experience to maintain and help.

Here is the journey map our team made:

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