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Grad Week 2021 | Naruto E-book (Fall 2018)

To celebrate my graduation in May 2021 I am sharing highlights of my coursework through the past 4 years in Utah Valley University's interaction design program. These projects are not perfected but ones that I enjoyed working on and I think show my progression and understanding through the years as well as give a window into the work that is done through the program. Think of them as bite-size case studies.

I'm going to refer you to the full case study below as its one of the projects I still use in my portfolio but for this post I'll include some behind the scenes thoughts for the project:

Naruto E-book Case Study

This was one of the most influential projects and classes for my learning. The class was immersive authoring, taught by the legendary Emily Hedrick. In the class we created 3 projects over the semester, they were:

• An audiobook update (this taught metadata organization and posed the question: how can you create an audio experience? I did "ready player one" for this project)

• An I-book (choose any topic and create an interactive i-book.) I worked on a team where we created an i-book for pixar's "The Incredible's" movies

• An interactive E-book (This taught how to take a basic experience such as an e-book and utilize the platform it was on. For example, print is limited in what can be added but with a digital book, many other elements can be added to enhance the experience.)

I loved creating this e-book as It made me think outside the boundaries of what could be included. I didn't want to take away from the book itself but at the same time I wanted to enhance the experience and make it all the more enjoyable to read.

If you haven't figured it out yet from viewing my portfolio, the reason I include this project on there is because its something completely different to a website or app, or what is usually seen on portfolios for UX design. This project helped me understand that UX design isn't tied to websites and apps, it can be applied to e-books, video games, VR, AR, television, and even physical products. Have you ever bought a collectors edition of a product? That is an experience in itself!

I also include it because although it was a school project, I had numerous people asking where they could buy a copy and my case study of this project on medium constantly gets 30+ views a week to this day. (Know your audience, Naruto is a massive franchise worldwide).

Looking back, it's a simple project but it's one that I stand by to this day because of what I learned and what it represents in my understanding of UX design.

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