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Day 1 - Competitive Testing

A process to test competing products against each other and determine the usability of competitor products.

What I learned:

Competitive testing can be used on digital and physical experiences to determine how easy it is to use and learn your product. If the competition has a more flowing experience, you can potentially lose users. One thing I found interesting in the book was that it warned against potential bias in the tests. It recommended hiring third-party testers to complete the competitive testing. This is a good idea because if you're working on a product, of course you'll think its the best and therefore you'll look at competitors products more critically rather than from a user standpoint.


Now for this practice I took 3 video streaming apps and played around with their main menu and their search page. Like explained above, there is most likely some bias in my practice here as I am a UX designer and I'm looking at certain things, and have used the apps before. That said, I looked at the layout of the UI and content and tested how long it took to find:

  1. Previously Watched/Pick up

  2. Search - could I find the show I wanted quick?

  3. Suggestions - Had I been a new user, where to start?

  4. Menu and quick access


• Max was easy to use in that I was presented right away with my watchlist and it wasn't too overshadowed by promos for new series or collections.

• Most content genres and choices are hidden in the menu (top left)

• The search tab was easy to spot as the navigation has only 3 icons.

• In the search screen I was able to easily look up the movie I wanted but also was recommended other shows.


• Busy interface but it helped with way-finding. Also nice balance of large suggestion buttons and smaller selections.

• I liked how the menu was sticky and I was easily able to switch between sections

• It was difficult to find the "continue watching" section

• Search was easy to find on the navigation. Interestingly, instead of recommended series it gave trending searches.

Amazon Prime

• Simple interface, not a great deal of large promo selections. Much of the menu is included at the top

• Smaller graphics made it easier to find more content quicker

• Easy to find "continue watching" list

• Search wasn't difficult to find but the navigation has more options so it took a second longer than others like HBO Max.

• Search area was interesting. It was easy to search but didn't display recommended series like Hulu and HBO.

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