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October Method Challenge

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

UPDATE 10/21: Due to my plate becoming unexpectedly full through October, I ended up just writing about what I learned each day as the exercises were becoming too time consuming at this time.

As I move further into my career for UX/Interaction design, I find myself learning more and more and applying much of what I learn in the project I'm working on. Part of me though always looks to what i've previously learned and how I can pull from past knowledge. Wanting to learn more methods and increase my understanding I set up a challenge for myself this October. I have looked through "Universal Methods of Design" to choose 31 design methodologies, each from the certain design phases in the book. I have assigned each one to a day of the month. I will be working my way through, spending 1-2 hours each day reading about the method in the book, and then applying what I've read to an existing product, a product I've made up or at least studying an example or case study so that I can understand it better.

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